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About us

We are a clinic which specializes in providing expert care for patients with kidney and renal diseases
with two full time specialists who work closely with chief director, who is a pioneer in local dialysis
treatment. Achievement and reliability cultivated over the past fifty years by our specialized clinic,
means that patients receive care based on better decisions and treatments with surgical techniques
which have established our outstanding reputation. 

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In 1969 our clinic opened in the city of Omuta. At the time Omuta City Hospital didn’t provide dialysis, hence we started with them aim of becoming the first local dialysis treatment center. In 1971, we achieved our long-cherished goal of providing dialysis medical, and since then we have provided quality medical care and treatment. The chief director, Osamu Iida, M.D (honorary director of the clinic), has worked for the diffusion of dialysis medical care as a dedicated director of the clinic and has made his contribution to support our patients with his experience and expertise. As a pioneer in dialysis medical care with nearly a half century of achievement, we coordinate with nearby hospitals and university hospitals to play an indispensable role to give the best possible care in the region.
Medical Corporation Iida Clinic
29 Shozan-machi, Omuta city, Fukuoka 836-0845 JAPAN / Phone:+81 944-53-4871