We consider patients, staff and environmental factors to help reduce the burden for patients while we also think what we can do to reduce the burden on the earth. In considering the environment, this is how we have become a “Smart Clinic”.

Dialysis requires a lot of electricity and water
Comparing with previous methods for administering dialysis treatment, the time required is now shorter, but still requires five hours per treatment. To make pure water for dialysis in one go requires a bath tub size of clean water and half of it is typically discarded after filtering. We reuse this discarded water effectively and subsequently came up with the idea of an energy saving system which includes creating hot water and electricity via our solar system, rooftop greening, and LED illumination.
Dialysis requires a lot of electricity and water

Reuse of waste water

We reuse the waste water which is created in the procedure of making dialysis fluid for use in the artificial pond, rooftop garden, and toilets.


Introducing solar power generation
and the solar water heating system

We use a solar power generation and solar water heating system, both of which provide the clinic with clean energy. As a result, we have constructed a private power generator combined with a high-efficiency heat pump water heater and hot water supply system.


24 hour monitoring

When considering the power consumption in our facility, we incorporated a plan to cut waste by means of a twenty four hour power monitoring and management system which automatically controls the clinic’s power usage for the most efficient operation.

”Smart Clinic” makes our clinic more “patient friendly”.

We are patient friendly and environmentally friendly

The idea of a “Smart Clinic,” is rather new, but important, considering that the global destruction of the environment and air pollution are great problems for all of us. Safe and sound medical treatment comes first, but at the same time we feel we can do something more, so we created a “Smart Clinic.” We are dedicated to keep working on new tasks at Iida clinic to make the best possible care and service for patients and if there are any other particular suggestions you wish to make, please let us know.