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Hemodialysis Room

Our hemodialysis room is designed for the comfort of patients. We placed twenty four beds in thirty two bed capacity rooms because we want our patients to spend the four to five hours of hemodialysis treatment time as comfortable as possible. We exercise ingenuity in making the layout of the room spacious and in coordinating it with the wooden interior. With ample space between beds, patients can relax in an open and relaxed atmosphere. Our radiant heat system keeps the chill away and provides our patients with a comfortable temperature without the surges of blowing air discharged by traditional fan heating systems.

Dialysis Room

Café lounge

A café lounge in the hemodialysis center is available for all patients. This is a space where patients can enjoy communicating with each other or staff members over coffee or tea. This lounge can be accessed freely to provide a place where the patients can relax before or after the hemodialysis treatments. In addition, we provide advice and can give recommendations for meals best suited for patients by our resident clinic nutritionist. If you wish to know more about any of these services, please feel free to ask us. Beside these services, we can arrange hemodialysis treatment services for patients needing to travel or need to move via our network established with other fine medical facilities throughout Japan. Since our goal is for patients to enjoy a comfortable life, we hope patients never hesitate to ask us for anything with regard to the treatment and care we provide at Iida Clinic.

Café lounge
About our meals
We serve meals prepared under the supervision of our clinic nutritionist whose expertise includes knowledge of the dietary needs for our hemodialysis outpatients. In addition, family members are welcome to join with patients in dining to enjoy our extensive menu and we also provide nutritional guidance for patients’ family members as well. So we cordially invite you to ask a doctor in charge of the hemodialysis, a nurse, or a staff member if you are interested in our nutritional guidance program.

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