Clinic Introduction

We are a “21st Century Clinic”

We are a “21st Century Clinic” with the latest medical technology and facilities available,
which gives our patients access to excellent care.
Our skillful staff employ the latest medical technology to:

Our Strength as a Clinic

High Expertise
We are a specialized clinic for kidney and urinary organs. Two full time specialists in Urology, Nephrology and Cardiology cooperate with each other under the practice of the chief director of Iida Clinic, who is a pioneer of local dialysis medical treatment. For instance, blood in the urine can be caused by urinary organ failure or kidney failure. In such cases, we can examine patients and give more accurate treatment by employing the expertise of specialists within in the clinic for accurate diagnosis and subsequently the best care options.
High Expertise
For the patients
When we first started administering dialysis treatment, there was a considerable time commitment required and many physical demands the patients needed to make in order to receive treatment. Since then, we have considered ways to reduce the time burden on our patients as much as we can by consistently putting the patients’ comfort first by making the use of the most efficient medical devices and instruments for examination and treatment in the clinic facilities. Also, we respect patients’ privacy and are conscious about their comfort in the air conditioned consultation and medical care rooms. With guidance in making fitness and nutrition programs, we consistently value the patients’ quality of life and want to provide them with the finest possible medical care.
For the patients
Our state of the art facility is one of the means for patients’ comfort. As we state above, in addition to introducing the latest medical facilities to patients, we improve the patients’ comfort in new and innovative ways. The café lounge affiliated with the dialysis room, is expertly designed by our interior coordinator for utmost patient comfort. Our common room, waiting room, and biotope (a water garden providing a living place for a specific assemblage of plants and animals) in front of the clinic entrance are constructed for the purpose to make patients feel comfortable. In our effort to be “eco-friendly” we employ the concept of “Smart Clinic”, which is thoroughly conscious about the environment and on using energy efficiently.

Clinic Overview

NameIncorporated medical institution, Iida Clinic
The Chief DirectorOsamu Iida, MD, PhD
The DirectorShizuka Iida, MD, PhD
The Vice DirectorShuji Iida, MD, PhD
Consultation DepartmentsUrology, Nephrology, and Cardiology
Consultation HoursMonday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00~12:00 14:00~17:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 9:00~12:00
ClosedTuesday Thursday Saturday afternoons, Sundays, holidays
Address 29 Shozan-machi, Omuta, Fukuoka 〒836-0845
CertificationsJapanese Urological Association (board certified urologist, instructor)
Japan Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine (Board certified physician)
Japanese Dialysis Medical Society (Board certified physician)
The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (Board certified physician)
The Japanese Circulation Society (Board certified member)